The Affinity Bible - Book I: Step-by-Step Guidebook - Perfect for Beginners

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Frank Walters

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Product Overview

The Affinity Bible is the ultimate reference and guide to the amazing photo-editing software, Affinity Photo. This new Adobe Photoshop-like image manipulation program is quickly becoming the market leader for all your photographic editing needs.
Affinity Photo is quickly becoming the obvious choice for professionals who want the highest quality for the best price.
If you're a beginner photographer or a seasoned pro, this detailed how-to guide will show you the best practices, valuable techniques, and professional tips & tricks that will help you get the most out of this amazing software.
Every tutorial has been created using high quality images and easy-to-follow steps that you will appreciate as you navigate your way from lost beginner to experienced user.
The Affinity Bible is divided up into two parts.
The first section teaches the 10 most important skills new users need to know how to do in order to get the most out of this software.
The second part of this book is full of 20 very useful tutorials, which will help you immensely gain expertise in this excellent photo editor. There's even a section on why Affinity Photo is better than Adobe Photoshop.

    The first skills you will learn are:
  1. The Most Common Shortcuts
  2. How to Open Images
  3. The Affinity Photo User Interface
  4. How to Crop Pictures
  5. How to Remove Imperfections from a Photo
  6. How to Use the Adjustments Layer
  7. How to Use Masks
  8. How to Make Selections (i.e. using the Inpainting Brush)
  9. How to Change the Background of a Photo
  10. How to Add Text
  11. How to Save & Export.

    The 20 tutorials were selected to help you the most as a new user or an experienced user coming over from Photoshop.
    These tutorials include the following:
  1. How to Add incredible Fonts to the Affinity Photo program
  2. How to Change the Color of Anything
  3. How to Make Vignettes
  4. How to Sharpen Portraits
  5. How to Remove or Change Backgrounds
  6. How to Increase resolution
  7. How to Use Gradient Maps
  8. How to Remove unwanted people/objects in a photograph
  9. How to Make Beautiful Eyes
  10. How to Create a Paint Splatter Effect
  11. Working with RAW Images - The Develop Persona
  12. How to Colorize Black and White Images
  13. How to Clone Yourself
  14. How to Easily Retouch Skin Like a Professional
  15. The Five Best Cropping Tips You Haven't Heard Before
  16. How to Make Youtube Thumbnails
  17. How to Apply Patterns to Clothing
  18. How to Make a Text Portrait
  19. How to Make a Meme

The Affinity Bible - Book II will be published in late December 2018. Look for it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review