The Way Into The Holiest

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In this remarkable manual of faith, F. B. Meyer shows Christian readers how to attain greater affinity and closeness to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Commencing with the words of God Himself, Meyer sets out to chart a clear path for the spiritual seeker. The opening phrase of Genesis, In the beginning , is the first such quotation which Meyer examines for its role in showing good Christians the way to salvation and closeness with the heavens. Permeating all of nature and creation, the earliest passages of Genesis place the enormity of God into its fullest context.
The subsequent chapters see Meyer turn to a variety of topics, devoting a few pages of discussion to each. The stories of the Old Testament are shown to reveal Jewish customs and morals to the reader, while the Book of Hebrews and the Prophet Moses offer their words in all grace. Piece by piece, lesson by lesson, Meyer reveals the way into holiness.
Most of all however, the author looks at Jesus Christ and the many rich, spiritually nourishing incidents of his life. The expression of His priesthood, the merciful manner in which He rendered help to others, and the symbolic aspects of His blood all merit their own chapters. A highlight of the work is Meyer's examination of Gethsemane; the hill in which Jesus prayed and later died upon, mounted to the crucifix.

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